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  • Get Started With Agile Test Automation

    Plan your learning strategy to master agile test automation, and get started with coding in Java and writing automated tests faster with Serenity BDD.

  • Learn To Use BDD To Get More Out Of Your Test Automation Efforts

    Learn how to take your test automation out of the testing silo and discover powerful collaboration techniques that help you write better tests and your team as a whole deliver better software.

  • Get Discounts On Essential BDD And Test Automation Courses

    Accellerate your learning with focused training on test automation, agile testing and BDD-related topics, at a discounted price!


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    Getting Started with Agile Test Automation

    • Introduction

    • A Simple Roadmap to becoming an Agile Test Automation Engineer

    • Effective Test Automation Strategies

    • Make Your Own Roadmap to Becoming an Agile Test Automation Engineer

    • Three Features of Modern Java to Improve Your Test Automation Code

    • A Java Deep Dive for Testers and Test Automation

    • Effective UI Test Automation with Serenity BDD and Selenium

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    Making Your Agile Test Automation Go Further

    • The Modern Agile Test Automation Playbook

    • Write Better Automated Tests Faster With Serenity BDD, Cucumber and The Screenplay Pattern - A 1 hour introduction

    • Next Generation Automated Acceptance Tests With Serenity Screenplay

    • Testing REST API's With Serenity BDD and RestAssured

    • Experience Real-World BDD In The "BDD Challenge" Workshop

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    Making BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) Work For Your Team And Your Organisation

    • The 7 Qualities of Highly Effective Cucumber Scenarios

    • Real World BDD practices

    • BDD: The Executive Summary - A Short Video Overview

    • BDD From Start To Finish - An In-Depth Video Tutorial

    • Write Better BDD Scenarios Training

    • Experience Real-World BDD In The "BDD Challenge" Workshop